Friday, June 1, 2012

Goodbye Snow White's Scary Adventure...

"Sorry, little boy but this ride is now closed:(" 

It's always sad when an attraction at Disney closes it's doors. I can only imagine what it must be like for the last person who rides that attraction. On May 31st, Snow White's Scary Adventure Closed it's doors...leaving many guests with lasting memories. 
As a child, I was scared of this ride, wishing I didn't have to go on it. As an adult, I did the ride completely alone and was proud of myself...I never took that apple that the witch kept trying to offer me during the whole ride! I made it out safe!..I felt so brave and loved the ride. I found myself going on this attraction every time I visited, until last time I went down, I skipped it, thinking "next time". Sadly, for some of us, we didn't get to say our "goodbye". 
This attraction was a classic and one of the original attractions left from Disney.  It's sad to see it close. 
Though I know that a new attraction will come into the Magic Kingdom, bringing in new memories for children of all ages...this attraction being The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train which will be opening in 2014. 

If you miss Snow White's Scary Adventure already, you can still visit it in Disneyland in California. Again..."goodbye and thanks for making me a brave lady!"


  1. So it will still be in Disneyland inCalifornia? You scared me for a second! I didn't ride it on my trip a few months back and was feeling so guilty!

  2. Yes, this ride did close. But somethimes, things are more nostalgic in "Yesterland". I really did NOT enjoy this ride, both when 4 and 6 I screeeeeeamed. I blocked my eyes for most of it, and never thought it'd close. But it did and now I wish just to ride it once more. Popsong1 made a video to this "ride" during it being demolished. The name and mirror are dismantled, along with the exits. I'm excited for the mine train, but the nostalgia level won't ever compare with this ride. I absolutely disagree with this ride being a meet and greet because in 2 years, the princesses will be out of the market, and it'll close again, making me think more nostalgia gone. They could've at least put another dark ride there.
    Pianostar :)


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