Thursday, March 6, 2014

Spring is in the Air! Disney at Walgreens

I love to garden. When spring arrives, I plant my flowers in the garden outside. Spring is close up here but still a few weeks away. 
Visited Walgreens and they already have taken out their garden section. I was so excited to see Garden Stepping Stones that were related to Disney. They had Tinker Bell, Pooh and Mickey! I had to buy Mickey!

 This picture up above is of the Mickey stepping stone I bought for my flower garden. It was $6.99. Love it! It's about 9 inches tall.

I also love Pot Hangers. I have pots inside and outside during the summer months. Walgreens had really cute Disney Pot Hangers of Mickey, Pooh, Minnie and Tinker Bell. There was also the seven dwarfs, All seven! They were 2 for $5.00. Check Mickey and Tinker Bell below!

The Pot Hangers were about 3 inches tall. They look great on my flower pots inside! I am getting excited about Spring and hope to find more Disney Treasures to put in my gardens outside! 

Have a Magical Day!

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