Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Jim Shore designs Six of the Princesses

I have always loved Jim Shore designs and now that he has been working on Disney, I love his work even more. Recently, he came up with the princess collection. What made me so happy is that he has six of the princess, one being Jasmine. Jasmine is a popular princess (not as popular as Cinderella though) and it's harder to find her in collections. So I was very excited to see he added her into this princess collection. The Princesses that are in the collection are: Jasmine, Belle, Cinderella, Tiana, Aurora, and Ariel. On the DisneyStore site you can find them all at $38.50. Plus Jim Shore designed a stand which you can purchase to display the each princess. The stand is $29.50 and also can be found at the DisneyStore site.

If you are a huge Princess fan then these are a must have. They have so much detail and each one is holding something special to them. Ex. Cinderella is holding her glass slipper.  Each Princess is over 6 inches tall. I am hoping that soon I will be adding these to my Disney Collection at Home. I just loved these beautiful statues and had to share them with everyone. Have a Magical day.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - March of Flowers and Gardens

Focused on the Magic

The weeks Theme is March Calender Shot from Deb over at Focused on the Magic. I love March at Disney for that is when Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival start. This year it will start March 7th and continue until May 20th. I just love all the colorful flowers and enjoy seeing all the Disney character topiaries. Plus there is live music and fun programs to go to at Epcot. Here are a few photos from when I enjoyed seeing the Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival with my friends back in 2004!

If you have never been during this time of year at Disney World, then you should go to WDW while Epcot is having the Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival. Here is the List of Special Events that are going on this year during that time! CLICK HERE 
Have a Magical Day and thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Are you an "Honorary" Bug?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a bug? Just the other day, I was outside, the sun was shining, snow on the ground, and wind blowing when I saw a bug walking on the snow. I could tell he or she was having trouble, it being winter and all. I said out loud, "Do you know it's still winter? You ain't going to live." All I keep thinking was that I was glad I wasn't a bug! It's must to so tough. 

At Walt Disney World, there is a show in the Tree of Life where you get to be an "honorary" bug! The show is called It's Tough to be a Bug, and you get to meet Flik and his friend. The fun part is that it's in 3D and you get to wear Bug Glasses! No, look like a Bug! :)

The show is 8 minutes and the whole family will love it! Plus, the most important part is that you will understand how tough it is to be a bug. Just think of that poor bug who woke up when it was still winter. What a bummer! Life is not easy for them! 
Now to see what you will look like as "honorary" bug, here is a picture:

When you are at Disney's Animal Kingdom, don't forget to stop by The Tree of Life, 
and enjoy It's Tough to be a Bug!  
Also tell Flik "Hi" for me:) He made me an "Honorary" Bug ...and I'm proud of it!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Flashback Friday - A Bugs Life

Focused on the Magic

Deb from Focused on the Magic is the host for Flashback Fridays. If you would like to see more Flashbacks from others, you can go to her page and check them out!

I have always loved "A Bugs Life" and when I went to Disneyland back in 1999, I got to be part of a skit onstage in front of the guests. A Bug's Life came out in 1998 so it was still "NEW" when I had visited Disneyland. I was picked with one other person, we had to be bugs if I remember right. It was funny and I had enjoyed myself. Here is a picture of the two of us listening to the Disneyland Cast member on what we had to do in front of everyone! 

I hope everyone has a Magical Day!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Where in the WDWORLD?

YES! It's Thursday again..which means it's 
Where in the WDWORLD?
 I am excited to have two new pictures 
for everyone to try to guess!
Can you figure out where these pictures where taken on 
Walt Disney World Property?

This is Number 1 pic

This is Number 2 pic

Have A Magical Day:)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - Hidden Mickey

This week Deb at Focused on the Magic is hosting Hidden Mickey (Disney Details). I love adventuring around Walt Disney World and finding Hidden Mickeys.  I found a Hidden Mickey in a tank where you can see turtles, angelfish, sharks, dolphins, and rays. These tanks are in the Caribbean Coral Reef which can be found when you get off of the ride The Seas with Nemo and Friends at Epcot. I love looking into those tanks and seeing the sea creatures. I was surprised when I came upon this Hidden Mickey. I think it's so cool to see that detail was given to place the stones into a Mickey in the tank. Have you seen this Mickey before?

Have a Magical Day Everyone!
Enjoy following the Blog Hop and finding those Hidden Mickeys!

Focused on the Magic

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mickey's Ice Cream Bar...Yummy

Mickey's Ice Cream Bar
Mickey's Ice Cream Bar is one of the most popular treats at Walt Disney World. Since I have gone down to Disney, this has always been my ice cream of choice. I think because my first trip to Walt Disney World was a tough trip for me.
I was twelve years old, and ended up with an ear infection and strep throat. Mickey's Ice Cream Bar was the only food item I would eat during the trip. It is vanilla ice cream with a chocolate coating. It was the prefect treat for my sore throat. 
Of course, my parents never knew I had strep throat when I was in Florida. We went to the doctors and he only said ear infection to them. But the medication I received didn't work for I was also on Iron pills at the time. So my throat got worse, and the Mickey Ice Cream Bar keep being the only thing I would eat during my visit to the parks. What a way to spend your first trip as a kid!
But Mickey Ice Cream Bars became my one of my favorites and holds a wonderful memory for me...a happier throat due to the ice cream when walking around the parks. This could be why when I go to Walt Disney World now, I still go for this treat. Still makes my throat feel great and I just love it! Do you have a Disney treat that is special to you? Holds a memory? 

Eating my Mickey Ice Cream bar at Epcot with Dad, my sister and little cousin
Have a Magical Day:)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Magical Moment: A FANTASMIC Birthday at Disneyland

This Magical Moment happened at Disneyland.
 A Cast Member making a birthday even more Magical!

When I think about my magical moments at Disneyland, they vary from small things to grand moments. I think that’s the beauty of making magic, even the smallest things can make a difference.  However, the most magical moment a Cast Member ever created for me was very memorable. I happened to be visiting Disneyland on my birthday with my best friend and we could not find a decent place to watch the fireworks.  This great Cast Member named Kirsten saw that we were a bit bummed and she allowed us to sit in the premier section to view the fireworks. After the fireworks were over, I thanked her profusely and she told me to follow her. She led us through Adventureland and to the steps of the Disney Dream Suite. She radioed someone and then we went up in the suite. She took us out on the balcony and from there we watched Fantasmic. This is a moment I will always remember and cherish. It was the best way possible to end my birthday. Kirsten took a negative situation and made it positive.

You can follow DeeMagicGurl on Twitter @DeeMagicGurl 
She was also once a Disneyland Cast Member :)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

FlashBack Friday : Hanging Around Liberty Square

Focused on the Magic
This Flashback Friday brings back many memories from my trip to Walt Disney World when I was 12 years old. This picture was taken in 1993. I am sure everyone has a picture of this in their photo album. If not, then next time get a picture here and add it!
It always seems to be the fun spot in Liberty Square, though I am glad no one has ever thrown tomatoes at me! This was also a punishment for stealing back in colonial era, so back then you won't want to land up here!

This picture is of my little sister and I at the wooden pillory.
My little cousin is watching us (thankfully no food throwing here!)
 It was raining, but we didn't care, we were having fun.

This is a very popular photo spot and so take your picture at the wooden pillory found in Liberty Square. Stick your head and hands through and hope that No One throws food at you! 

IT's Thursday! Where in the WDWORLD?

Can you Guess where in the WDWORLD this is?
They are a little tricky...
You've got TWO places in WDWORLD this week
so take a guess:) 
Let you know where they are Tomorrow!
Have a Magical Day

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Almost Wordless Wednesday ~ Animal Attractions in Animal Kingdom

Focused on the Magic

Deb at Focused on the Magic picked Animal Attractions in Animal Kingdom for Wordless Wednesday. I love the animals at Animal Kingdom and it's so cute when they get cozy with each other.


These wonderful small hairless creatures have always been my favorite when I visit Animal Kingdom and I not sure way. I am just amazed by them. They live all together with their queen. They are blind yet can find their way around the tunnels.

When I visit, I just can't help but spend a good chunk of time watching them work as a unit. Here is a picture of them all together, getting cozy with each other as they sleep in the bedroom! They get cozy to keep warm:)


Naked Mole Rat

Did you know that Naked Mole Rats holds the record for the longest living rodent? 
That's Right: 28 YEARS!
So if you see my friends down at Disney World...tell them I say "HI" I am sure it's the same ones I saw back in 2009!:) Have a magical day!

Great ways to spend Valentines at Disney World

Walt Disney World is a great way to spend Valentines. There is so many ways to get close to that special someone at the most magical place on earth. Here are a few ways and places to go to spend quality time with the one you love on Valentines Day or any other special occasion  at WDW.

Take a balloon flight on Character In Flight at Downtown Disney. This magical balloon flight takes you over Walt Disney World with that special someone. Once you are at the top, you get to circle the balloon seeing all away around (360 degrees) of WDW! This is a very special treat to so with someone you love. My hubby and I did this ride when we went down for our honeymoon in 2010.

Other great way to spend the day is traveling around the World! That is right...head over to Epcot and travel the World Showcase. This is a great way to see the shows and try new foods with someone that you love. There are eleven countries to explore and you can take as much time as you want to enjoy the sites and sounds of each place. I would say though that France (to me) is the most romantic place, plus the dessert there is delicious!

Maybe for a dinner meal you might want some entertainment! Try the Spirit of the Aloha! This is a wonderful show and there is a chance for you and that special someone to get up and dance a slow Hawaiian song. I loved this show when I saw it with my hubby, we also got to dance together. It was so romantic and the food was the best! The show was amazing and you never want to take you eyes off the dancers!

Want to just have a day where you can hang out and enjoy each other without a lot of people around. Spend a day at Disney's BoardWalk. I loved just walking around the water front with my man when we went down to WDW together. We looked at the shops, eat outside and just enjoyed spending time together, plus its quiet on most days during the afternoon. 

Want a wonderful and romantic place to see Wishes at night? Try watching them from the Polynesian Resort. We had watched them on the beach and it was so beautiful. I also loved how Disney has a light up dragon that travels the water as well. We enjoyed watching the fireworks and just holding hands on the beach!

Disney is a great way to spend some romantic and quality time with that special someone. There are so many ways to be together at Disney World. Check out the shows, maybe do a special tour together, or just walk Main Street USA holding hands and getting your picture. Enjoy each others company and have a magical Valentines day:)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Target: Mickey and Minnie plates and bowls

A month ago I went to Target with a friend and bought Mickey and Minnie plates and bowls. They were just what I was looking for! I have been wanting some good cereal bowls for my stepson. He is ten and 1/2 (this is what he tells me all the time) and wanted to have larger bowls for his cereal. He loves Disney as much as me and was very excited when I brought these bowls home. The best part is that each bowl cost only $2.49 each. There are four different bowls, two have Mickey and two have Minnie. 

 I also got the plates to match. The plates came in the same choices of Mickey and Minnie. They make great dinner plates. The plates were $2.99 each. We have now used them for over a month and they still look like new. No fading at all. I have used them in the dishwasher and it's safe. The picture on the left shows all four designs that the plates and bowls come in. 
There were also tumblers, cups, chip dish (were the ears where for the dip and the head was for chips), both of Mickey and Minnie. They had flat dishes shaped as Mickey and Minnie. My friend and I found all this at an end cap at Target, I loved them so much that I talked her into getting a set as well:) So head over to your local Target for these great Mickey and Minnie plates and bowls!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Flashback Friday: Akershus Royal Banquet Hall

I love Flashback Fridays that Deb from Focused on the Magic hosts. I get to go through my Disney photos and flash back to some wonderful moments at WDW. I found some pictures with my a few of my favorite princesses that I took shots with back in 2004.
My friends and I ate at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall, located in Norway Pavilion at Epcot for my 24th Birthday. I remember when we tried to get reservations for the place was full, but the cast members heard it was my birthday and a two person table came available, they turned it into a three person table so we could eat there. I wore my flower head piece my friends bought me and took pictures with all the princesses. Five of them were at the Storybook Dining for breakfast: Snow White, Jasmine, Mulan, Belle and Sleeping Beauty. I had a blast! The breakfast was great as well! Here are a few of my pictures:)

Me with Belle

Me with Mulan

Me with Jasmine

Focused on the Magic

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Disney Blog Hop: Pirates Edition

My stepson is a huge fan of Jack Sparrow. He has so many posters of Jack and the gang all over his room. I am also a huge Pirates of the Caribbean fan! I was going through some of my pictures on my WDW trip back in July 2007. I had went down with a friend to visit the parks.  In my collection of pictures, I have tons of Pirates of the Caribbean pics. My friend and I went on the Backlot Tour at Disney's Hollywood Studios. The ride is about 35 minutes long and back in 2007 the first three movies where a HUGE hit. Here are a few pictures of took on the tour. 

 Jack's Sparrow outfit in the movie

The balls made of out (crew bones) in the movie
I loved that part in the Pirates of the Caribbean

I also love how Disney turned the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction in Magic Kingdom into more of the movie. Now the ride has Jack Sparrow in it. I get all excited on the ride when we travel through and get to see him. He is one awesome pirate. My stepson loves this ride. He loves to feel like he is part of Jack's world. Here is one of the shots I took while on the ride. Now, they do ask you not to take pictures in the ride, but we had an empty boat so, I just had to get a picture in!:)

This is the first time when you see Jack in the attraction of
the Pirates of the Caribbean! He is trying to hide......
I found you Jack!

Head over to Babes in Disneyland to see posts on the Pirates Edition:)

Have a Magical Pirate-y Day!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


So, I have heard that come March 7th FASTPASS will be enforced. You can no longer show up late with your FASTPASS and get on the attraction. You will have a small window to of five minutes ahead of FASTPASS and fifteen minutes late. If you show up a half hour late, they will not honor your FASTPASS.
One site said that if you are late, they will give you a different FASTPASS to come back again. So, you still could get on the ride without waiting in line, but at a later time. 
Having a limit means WDW can give out more FASTPASSES at the end of the day. Before they had to take in account that many guest were going to show up later, so didn't pass as many out as the day went on. Now, they will be able to give out more FASTPASSES to more guests.
Now, I have gone to WDW many times and never knew that they took late FASTPASSES. I always have shown up early to my attraction and have to wait, but now it seems if we show up five minutes early, they will take our FASTPASS.
I am sure many guests will not be happy with this change. Many get FASTPASS and hold onto it until they are ready to go on the ride. Now guests of WDW will have to plan their days in the parks differently. How will this change effect you?
I heard some say that if WDW is going to have a window now to return to an attraction that it should be at least a two hour window. This might be a good idea so if guests have had a hold up at another attraction, they won't be late to the one using a FASTPASS. 
All I know is that I am glad that I am not the CP Cast member who has to take those FASTPASS. Working at a theme park such as WDW, you get many guests who want their way, and will do whatever it takes to break you down and get it. So, please remember that it's not that cast members fault, they are just upholding the rules, if you are upset, ask for their manager and complain to them. A CP cast member doesn't get paid enough to deal with that much yelling and screaming! I have had a few guests make me leave for break in tears. WE would let you ride if they could! Maybe WDW will have to hire body guards for this job now, because no CP cast member is going to want to do it!

Where in the WDWWORLD?

It's Thursday which mans it's time for Where in the WDWORLD? The Picture that is up every week could be anywhere on Walt Disney World Property. Can you guess where the picture was taken at this week? Put your best guess out there:)

Take a guess? 
Answer will be shown on Friday:)
Thanks for stopping by and have a magical day!

Wordless Wednesday: Love is in the Air!

Deb at Focused on the Magic picked Love is in the Air for this weeks Wordless Wednesday. So, I thought back to when my husband and I got married almost two years ago. Our wedding theme was Mickey and Minnie in April 2010 and our honeymoon was spent at Walt Disney World. Here are my wonderful pictures that shows Love is in the Air!

 I just loved these wedding Mickey and Minnie head pieces

 Our wedding cake topper of Mickey and Minnie with my flowers

Us at WDW on our Honeymoon back in May 2010

Have a Magic Day!
Thanks for Stopping by!

See more wonderful posts for Wordless Wednesday at:

Focused on the Magic

Monday, February 6, 2012

24 hours of MK Magic

Today I am over at WDWdads where I wrote a a post about working for Disney 24 hours in one day. What would you do if you could work/learn about your favorite attractions and shows in just 24 hours. What if you could eat at the cafe on the lower level with your favorite Disney characters for break. This is post is all about what I would want to learn and do at Magic Kingdom if I got to work there for 24 hours.
I know I have worked at MK, but this 24 hours I could learn what I have always wanted to learn with some of the attractions, shows and even parades. Come on over and read...maybe it will spark an idea of what you would love to do if you had 24 hours to learn the behind the scene magic of some of your favorite attractions at Magic Kingdom:) Have a magical day!
Go here to read the Post: 24 hours of MK Magic

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Rumor Mill: Avatar going where?

So, most everyone knows that Avatar is coming to Disney World in Animal Kingdom. I was not crazy about the movie but I am very curious is how Disney is going to react this magical place. But what has kind of made me sad is where I heard Disney is going to be placing Avatar in Animal Kingdom. AK is the largest park at Disney World and so I thought they were just going to keep expanding the park.
What I heard is that Animal Kingdom will be taking out Rafiki's Planet Watch Area to put in Avatar. If you haven't been to WDW or have not made it over to Rafiki's Planet Watch Area when you are visiting the parks, then you can check out my post of this section HERE This is a lovely section in the park where you can see both the Conservation Station and Affection Section, which I explain about in my later blog post.
I wonder if Disney will keep the train that used to take you to Rafiki's Planet Watch Area and back to Harambe Africa. I love that train ride, so maybe it would be nice to have that train travel you to Avatar but maybe upgrade the train to match more of Avatar style.
I just wish they would not get rid of Rafiki's Planet Watch Area, maybe they could move that to a new location where more people can just walk to visit. It is just nice to see where the animals of Animal Kingdom get treated and I have always loved the petting area. So, this is what I have heard. Has anyone heard anything different, or about the same?

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Magical Moment: You've Got a Friend in Me

A Great Magical Moment...makes you want to start singing "You've Got a Friend in Me" :) 

While I like nothing more than visiting WDW with my husband, there's just something magical about a trip with your best girlfriend. I was lucky enough to take a trip to the World with one of my oldest friends in November of 2009. It’s funny – the only reason we ended up at WDW is because we were too young to rent a car if we went somewhere else (we were thinking Napa). Okay, it wasn’t the ONLY reason but Disney was the easiest option.

My best friend has always been the one to balance out my more serious side. We’d spend hours watching Boy Meets World on breaks from college or special features on Disney DVDs.  She may not be a Disney super fanatic like I am but she’s right up there. Our trip’s itinerary was pretty routine – dinner reservations, park hopping, the works. But it was fun to be the tour guide (even if she had been there before with her own family) and we wore ourselves out getting as much done in the parks as we could. (In fact, we were always patting ourselves on the back for being so productive.) I had my first meal at Yak & Yeti with her, and it immediately became one of my favorites (and a must-stop). We enjoyed the last weekend of the Food & Wine festival, and the unveiling of many the holiday decorations I had never seen in person.

So the trip was nothing out of the ordinary. It’s just that a few weeks before we left that I had moved out of our hometown into my first house with my fiancĂ©. And my best friend and I would be permanently apart, no longer only separated by fall and spring semesters. Or having the ability to meet up for dinner during so frequently on weeknights. So we had four days to catch up and gab non-stop. No interruptions. No boys. We drank wine, ate good food, and made some friends. In particular, Safari Mickey (her boyfriend) and (mine) Woody from Toy Story. We even got tattoos of them in Hollywood Studios.
 So I got to hold hands with Woody. She got to hug Mickey. My best friend and I got to eat breakfast and listen to some talented kids (who were sadly not Zac Efron) sing songs from High School Musical. And even though those seem like normal happenings on a Disney trip, it’s the small things that matter most.

Estelle is the co-founder of This Happy Place Blog & a frequent contributor to The Disney Blog. She collects too many vinylmations, thinks the Muppets make the world a better place, and is always daydreaming about her next trip to WDW. (She also tweets a lot @thatsostelle!)

Friday, February 3, 2012

Flashback Friday ... First Character Breakfast!

Focused on the Magic
Going back now to May 2004, this was a year after I had left my internship with Disney World. My friends and I wanted to go back down to Disney for ten days and have some fun. One of my friends had called for us all to have breakfast at the Polynesian with the Characters one morning. We were 7 people. I had never been to a character breakfast and after this one, I am surprised that I will go to them. Here is my story...

It was a warm morning when we left for the character breakfast at the Polynesian. I was nervous for I didn't know what this was going to be like...I had only heard of them. My friends and I were given a table in the middle and I was so impressed with the food. IT just kept mickey waffles, eggs, bacon, fresh fruit and more. Everything was sooo yummy. I loved all the breakfast items. 

Soon each character came to our table. First we meet Minnie, she was wonderful. She took a picture with us and signed my book. Then Chip and Dale came over and took pictures with us as well. But then Goofy came over. He was petting my head, took a picture with us and stayed for awhile. He stayed the longest with us, playing around and being silly. He just didn't want to leave us it seemed, and then I think he knew he had to move on. But then Music came on and this is when the fun really started happening....

I was taken by Goofy, by surprise, and dragged onto the floor. The music was playing and a lady's voice was heard saying, "ALL CHILDREN COME AND DANCE!" Wait, I wasn't a kid, so I tried to pull away from Goofy but he wouldn't let me go. He had my hand in a tight grip! I tried to just smile, as me and 40 children danced around ...well..I think I saw a mom in the mix as well which was nice. Goofy just kept me dancing and I was so red in the face. I didn't know what to do! Then when the music stopped, I thought he would let me go, but NO...he had me going around to tables with him. He had me touch a bald guy's head...what was Goofy thinking! Finally, I saw a moment where I pulled away and got back to my seat. My friends were laughing, some were crying. I was still in shock. Still Goofy came by our table again. At least no music came back on!

Let's just say that this is a character dining experience I will never forget thanks to Goofy and his goofiness!
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