Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween from our Disney house to yours:)

Happy Halloween!
From our Disney House to yours:)

 Stitch stopped by to say "Happy Halloween"
We got hands at Disney World, I made the mask and
my stepson is wearing all blue! O..and he has a Wall-E bag!

 The Dracula Mickey, I got four years ago
and the Mickey's up front I got this year on the Disney site!

 The Jack Skeleton Pumkin (lit up)

When it's not lit's very cool! Got this
about four years ago!

Happy Halloween everyone!
Stay safe!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Magical Moments: Enjoying the Crystal Palace with Family for the First Time

Magical Moments: 
Enjoying the Crystal Palace with Family
For the First time:)

For my high school graduation I asked my parents for a trip to Walt Disney World. It turned out to be one of our last vacations together as a family. While I didn't appreciate that fact for many years, I do now. 

One of the most magical moments of the trip was completely unplanned.One morning we woke up and decided we wanted to attend a character breakfast since that was something we had never done before. My mom got on the phone with Disney reservations and we were able to get into the Crystal Palace. We were all really excited and had no idea what to expect. Our reservation was at 10:30 am. The restaurant was nearly empty when we arrived. Since we were one of the few families there, the characters spent a lot of time with us. We had so much fun. I remember laughing until my stomach hurt.

I think some of the best Disney memories happen when you are not planning them and magical moments can occur at any time. It is the random moments, or the lucky, unplanned reservation that can leave such a mark on your heart.
This Magical Moment is shared by
a wonderful Disney Blogger:
Melissa Knight Coulter

If you have a Magical Moment you would like to share for other Disney fans to enjoy, 
please send them to:
...and you could see your Disney Magical Moment up here in the next few weekends to come:)
Have a Magical Day!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fun, Great, Exciting Places to Eat at Walt Disney World

 So, I am just going to start right in with this topic... Love Walt Disney World, love everything about it, but when going to visit WDW, I normally don't think about the places to eat. Normally am thinking about what attractions and shows I want to see. 
Over the years, there have been some dining places that I enjoyed eating at in WDW and I wanted to share a few with my wonderful readers. 
Then I asked this question to my family, friends and Disney friends, "Where do you enjoy eating at when you are at WDW?", because I too would like to know about some great places to eat at in WDW. Maybe I can find some more great places to eat at when I go visit next time:)

ARE YOU READY TO EAT? This table is for you!
taken by
So, here are my few picks for eating at WDW...
1. Liberty Tree Tavern: I have only eaten here once. It was for my 24th Birthday. I had went down with two of my friends, and we ended up making friends with a family in the line of Rockn' Roller coaster. The parents of three teen girls. When the parents found out that in two days it was going to be my birthday, they asked to meet them in Magic Kingdom. So, on my Birthday we meet them there, and they took me out to eat. I was nervous, the food was pricey for me, but they told me that they wanted to have what ever I wanted on the menu. I had roast turkey, mashed potatoes and I loved the soup! The meal was so good. I thanked them for such a great meal. It was so delicious. Liberty Tree Tavern is located in Magic Kingdom in Liberty Square:)
I hope that one of these days, I find time to eat there again. I get so busy at the parks that I never think about where to eat at times. 
2. Earl of Sandwich: I remember when I first eat here, there was a huge line and I really wanted a sandwich. I wasn't sure I wanted to wait, but the sandwiches looked so good. I over heard a guy tell the manager that he never had such a great sandwich and that it was worth the wait. My friend and I waited in line which was really not that bad, it moves fast, and where surprised at the prices. This is not expensive at all. The sandwiches are great too! I have always gone to eat at Earl of Sandwich on every one of my trips to Disney World. I look forward to my sandwich! Earl of sandwich is located at Downtown Disney:)
3.50's Prime Time Cafe: My friends and I wanted to eat someplace fun to eat at, so we decided this would be a great place. We were in for a surprise! Wait staff were 'MOMS' and treat you like children, which is so funny! Let me tell you, I ate all of my food and it was good!!! My friend didn't want her vegetables, so she tried to hide them. She got caught but since it was found out back, our "MOM" let us still have our sundae! I have to say that I just loved the sundae and so happy we ate there! Prime Time Cafe is located in Hollywood Studios:)

Now, I want to turn this over to my readers that wrote in and told me some of their picks to eat at in WDW:)
I loved all their picks and hope to try some of these places out on my next visit!

"One of my favorite places to eat is the Sci-fi dine in theater at Hollywood studios. I love watching the old corny Sci Fi flicks on the big screen. The foods not bad either lol." (message from Craig)

"I love Victoria and Albert's - only Napa Rose comes close in terms of elegance. The food at Whispering Canyon is fantastic! For the family, you can't beat Cosmic Ray's - yummy chicken, burgers with all the fixings, and Sonny Eclipse." (message by Shelly)
"Pecos in Frontierland, is one of my favorites for MK, when you want something tasty and quick. But you want to go in early for lunch or a late lunch cause that place gets packed fast at lunch time. Tasty burger and pick your own topping bar.
On the healthier side, Columbia Harbor House in Liberty Square, sandwiches instead of burgers. Great Tuna fish.
Crystal Palace I have eaten at twice, buffet and characters, sometimes Pooh and friends sometimes Cinderella characters." (Message from Christina)

"On our last trip to WDW, my family and I had the great pleasure of eating at the 50's Prime Time Cafe for the first time. It has become a new favorite. Not only was the food fantastic, but the "entertainment" was first-rate!
My hubby, who's a bit of a grump, even enjoyed getting told by "Mom" to keep his elbows off the table! When she told him to write 5 times "I will not put my elbows on the table", I thought he was really angry about it because of the sour look on his face. As soon as "Mom" left the table, I asked if he was angry. He grinned at me and said, "Are you kidding? This is great!"
It was also the first place in years (since he was 17 - and he was 32 on our trip) that he actually ate meat loaf. And he LOVED it! Not to mention the fact that I received a sticker for joining the "Clean Plate Club" at the end of the meal.
We enjoyed chatting with our "cousins" at the next table. Seems they sat people from our home state right next to us, and "Mom" decided we were cousins. :DWe also liked "cheating" with our "cousins" on the homework "Mom" gave us to do before dinner.
All in all, it was a wonderful experience, and one we will be going back to again and again." (Message from Audra)

"Animal Kingdom- Yak N Yeti. This is a great sit down, Chinese style menu. The decor is great and if you time your reservation right, I've heard you can see the Jammin' Jungle parade from the restaurant! My hubby and I loved YnY!
Beaches and Cream at the Beach Club- this is a great diner style restaurant. they don't take reservations, but plan on waiting for a table. Burgers, dogs, chicken sandwiches, etc. The desserts are the best though!!
Garden Grill at Epcot's The Land Pavilion- famiily style, all you can eat with characters. This is a unique restaurant that revolves with views of the Living with the Land attraction.
Hollywood Studios- Sci Fi diner is fun and great atmosphere, food is OK. I love 50's Prime Time Cafe! The decor is great- reminds me of my grandmother's house in the 70s and the old black and white tv shows are great! The meatloaf was delicious!" (Massage from Beth at A Disney Mom's Thoughts

"Starting with C/S restaurants, at M/K in 1st place its Columbia Harbour House, lots of choices including the new lobster roll and salmon dishes, and plenty of seats (try upstairs if its too busy) 2nd Peco Bills Tall Tale Inn, again lots of choices, plenty of seats and great fixing station, 3rd Cosmic Rays, plenty to choose from and good fixing station. Over to Epcot, there’s only one winner. Sunshine Seasons for awesome selection and good quality of food, lots of seating. Over to H/S. Hmm apart from Back lot Express, not bad burgers etc, cant thing of any more favourites. Over to A/K, only two are worth mentioning, Flame Tree and Pizzafari, both good food, and seats available. Downtown next.1st is Wolfgang Pucks at Market Place, excellent choice on menu and good quality also, plus good seating area, followed by Earl of Sandwich, really good subs, etc, never had a bad meal yet, good seats too. Now the big guns, the table service restaurants. In first place, Jikos at A/Kingdom Lodge, outstanding cuisine, great atmosphere, fantastic selection of wines, all in all, five star quality, 2nd is House Of Blues at D/Town, superb cajun food, great, if not loud atmosphere, lots to choose from, and 3rd is Le Cellier at Epcot, saved only by the cheese soup, our signature fillets did not live up to our expectations (maybe chef not at his best that night)"
Mad Hatter (

"One of my favourite places to eat across the whole of WDW is Sanaa. We found this gem of a place quite soon after it had opened (only a few years ago), and we've been going there ever since - often 2 or 3 times on one vacation! The standard of food you get for the price is incredible; personally, I believe no where else offers such good value in WDW. Jiko's has always been a favourite of mine; however with the new introduction of Sanaa, if you gave me the choice I would pick Sanaa more often! We've never had an experience other than fantastic at Sanaa, so I thoroughly recommend.
Another favourite of mine is the Bistro de Paris in EPCOT (above Chefs de France). I had the nicest lamb I've ever tasted there! However, the downside is that it's expensive (to be expected of a Signature though).
Wow, I almost forgot Via Napoli! If you want an exceptional pizza (and I mean exceptional!) this is the place to go. This is another restaurant which offers fantastic value, for both lunch & dinner.
Anyone like their steak? I certainly do, and there's one place in WDW that cannot be beaten! Shula's Steak House at the Swan & Dolphin (I forget whether it's the Swan or the Dolphin it's in!). It has everything from the atmosphere to the best steaks money can buy. It is pricey though. Also - if you want to have your name engraved on one of the boards in the restaurant, then try and eat a whole 48oz steak! I just about managed a 24oz, so 1/2 way there :P !" Adam (

I hope this helps those that are going down to Disney World for the first time, or those that want to check out a new place to eat at like me:)
Thanks to everyone that wanted to share their wonderful places to eat at in WDW!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Villains

Wordless Wednesday 
This weeks theme is Villains

The Disney Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop is brought to us by

I wanted to show some Villains for the Parade  
Celebrate a Dream Come True Parade
at Magic Kingdom

Focused on the Magic

Monday, October 24, 2011

A D23 Limited Edition I just picked up:)

Limited Edition D23 
Exclusive 25th Anniversary ''25 Years of Magic'' Disney Lithograph
by Jim Salvati
I enjoy being part of the D23 club, I enjoy the Magazines that come to my door every three months. There are four per year. The Gold membership is  $74.99. I asked for it as a Christmas gift which was given to me by my husband. Another great perk is that you can purchase items on the D23 page in the Disney Store. I have already bought a few D23 pins but then I saw this beautiful Lithograph and had to have it in my Disney collection. 
This beautiful exclusive lithograph is now sitting near my window. It's the 25th Anniversary "25 Years of Magic" by Jim Salvati. I saw it and when Disney sent me a coupon for $20.00 off a $100.00 I made sure that it made it into my cart. This Lithograph cost $35.00 and it a limited edition of 1000. 
The Artist has Mickey and Minnie with Tinker bell, Jiminy Cricket, Ariel and Pinocchio all in bright full color. There are about 19 other characters sketched around them.  I just love looking at this piece every time I walk by it in my living room. I am so happy that I picked it up at the D23 boutique.

To learn more about D23 membership, please visit D23 boutique at

Friday, October 21, 2011

Magical Moment: A Little One's first visit to Disney World

Magical Moment: 
A Little One's first visit to Disney World

This is such a touching story of a "little one" loving his first visit to the
magical world of Disney:)

From the day I knew I was pregnant with my first child, Joey, I started planning his first trip to Walt Disney World.  When I finally picked out dates for the trip, Joey would only be 14 months old.  I had the usual comments from friends and family about waiting until he was older or waiting until he could remember Disney before I brought him.  I am so happy I did not listen to them, because his first trip was filled with many magical memories of him smiling ear to ear, especially when it came to meeting the characters.

One of the things that Joey loved at that time was Disney-Pixar’s Toy Story.  When I say loved, I mean as soon as Buzz Lightyear would appear on the TV or in a book, he would start smiling and pointing and get very excited.  I knew the first thing we would do when arriving in Disney’s Hollywood Studios (then Disney’s MGM Studios) was to head to Al’s Toy Barn for the meet and greet with Buzz and Woody.

As we approached the line for Buzz, Joey immediately stuck his arms out for Buzz to pick him up.  Of course, we were about 6 families back.  The entire time we waited for our turn, he was smiling and waving at Buzz.  When it was finally our turn, Buzz put his hand out for Joey to slap him five, which he did.  Then, Buzz noticed Joey’s Buzz Lightyear sweatshirt and made a very big deal about it.  The entire time he and Buzz interacted back and forth and Joey did not once stop smiling and laughing.

When it was time for us to leave and go meet Woody, Joey, who is normally a happy go lucky kid who rarely cried about anything, burst into tears.  My husband was carrying him and Joey was trying with all his might to stretch out in the direction of Buzz, because he didn’t want to leave.  As we got into line to meet Woody, Joey continued to point at Buzz and clearly wanted to go back to Buzz’s line.  When it was finally our turn to meet Woody, Joey was excited and had fun with Woody.  Woody spotted Joey’s Buzz shirt and made a big deal about it.  When he pointed at it, Joey pointed in the direction in a full stretch out to be able to see Buzz from Woody’s spot.  Woody was a good sport about it, but I must admit, I felt bad for Woody! Either way, meeting his two favorite characters was a very magical memory for me and one I look back on fondly.

That was the moment that I knew we made the right decision to bring Joey to Walt Disney World at such a young age.  We spent the entire week watching him hug any character he could get his hands on, dance to music throughout all the parks and honestly, smile the entire week.  Before this trip, I knew he loved Buzz, but I had no idea how much.  Luckily, Grampa & Grammie were there to spoil him and bought him his first Buzz Lightyear.  We still have that toy five years later, and it is one of the most used toys in this house by all three of my kids.  Whenever I see it, I picture the moment Joey met Buzz, and it always makes me smile.

This magical moment came from Beth Doda. 
She has a wonderful Disney blog
She is also the creator of The Magical Blogorail (A place where Disney bloggers come together & share various Disney topics.) Can follow her also on Twitter: @disneymom2jhe

If you have a Magical Moment you would like to share for other Disney fans to enjoy, 
please send them to:
...and you could see your Disney Magical Moment up here in the next few weekends to come:)
Have a Magical Day!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Rumor Mill :FASTPASS moving to Parades?

Fastpass and The Celebrate A Dream Come True Parade
Yep, this is the lastest news, fastpass on parades!
Well, it's going to be a trail test...
This is what I read on

"Magic Kingdom is set to carry out a limited trial of offering FASTPASS for a reserved viewing area for the afternoon parade "Celebrate A Dream Come True".  The test is expected to run from early next week to mid November, with FASTPASS tickets being given out at random to guests earlier in the day.  The viewing area will be in front of the castle."

I am wondering what others think of this topic? Having FASTPASS on the parades at Walt Disney World, which means there will be a section that only some people who get picked can go into them. I guess if I was the one getting picked, I would be thrilled. But what if you go down all the time, once a year and never get picked? And, if this idea really works and guests enjoy it, will this go through to the other parks? Maybe they will soon have FASTPASS for Fantasmic, Illuminations and Wishes as well. I do enjoy FASTPASS but I don't want to see it every wheres. I do enjoy trying to get there early and get a good spot, not get there early and see sections blocked off. I am fine with FASTPASS when it comes to lines. I don't mind waiting while others go by me with FASTPASS, for I know I can use mine on other ride. But with parades, you can't just go get a FASTPASS, you have to be picked? Maybe if it works, they might make a place to get FASTPASS for the parades I don't know, these are just my thoughts. It might be a great thing, I am just not sure. 
If anyone is down there during now to mid November and get selected for FASTPASS during the parade at Magic Kingdom, let me know what you think of the idea after.  
What do others think of this idea? Should they make FASTPASS for Parades?
Love to hear your thoughts on this interesting topic!

A Disney Movie Reward Exclusive: The Lion King 3-Pin Set

A Disney Movie Reward Exclusive:
The Lion King 3-Pin Set
I just love The Lion King so I was very excited to see that I
could get a 3-Pin Set for purchasing The Lion King in Diamond Edition
This is what you need to do:
1. Purchase The Lion King in Diamond Edition
2.Log in or Join Disney Movie Rewards (IT'S FREE)
3.Enter the "Magical Code" (find inside) 
4. Order The Lion King 3 -Pin Set $15.99 and Free Shipping

At Bottom they have the rules:
Disney Movie Rewards Membership Required. Blu-ray or DVD purchase required. Offer expires 1/31/12. Limited quantities. While supplies last. Offer available to the residents of the 50 United States (and D.C.), Puerto Rico and Canada. Void in Quebec and where prohibited by law. Visit for complete details.

 Remember that It's FREE to Join and so if you are a big fan of Disney
then you should be part of this wonderful Site. With points, you can get
all kinds of FREE prizes and it doesn't cost a thing! Not even shipping! 
I have gotten already Six different Disney items from this site for
me and my stepson. This is the first offer that I did purchase, but shipping
was still FREE!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Wordless Wednesday ~ When Dinosaurs Attack

Wordless (ALMOST) Wednesday Blog Hop
I enjoy blog hopping on Wednesday with Debs Dis @ Focused on the Magic

This week I am showing the attraction DINOSAURS at AK, 
which is one of my stepson's favorites! Enjoy :)

 Watch out! He is right behind you!!

Glad you found a friendly one:)

Focused on the Magic

Monday, October 17, 2011

New Banner and Button For The DisneyBlueFairy

DisneyBlueFairy has had a face lit...
Worked super hard making a new image to 
represent me and my page,
I designed a new banner with my own Blue Fairy!
Written on her shirt 

Very excited about this new change, hope everyone else loves it as much as I do!
Glad that my Graphic Design degree paid off :)

New Button to go with my page

DisneyBlueFairy Shares

Have a Magical Disney Day!

FREE Disney World Maps online!

FREE Disney World Maps

I love going on the site. I think I fins myself there about every day. Either I am checking out new attractions to see next time we go to Disney or check out the Disney online store. A few weeks ago at the bottom of the website, I noticed a box that started FREE Disney maps. I was wondering what it was about so I thought it would be cool to check out. When I clicked the box, it brought me to a place whee you can customize Disney World Maps. You pick our favorite attractions or attractions you don't want to miss on your next visit for each park.  Since I have been to Disney World every year, I found it easy to go through and pick all the attractions that I wanted to see on my next trip down to Disney World. The customize part is very easy and anyone can do it online. I found even after when you get to pick the design to be easy. You can pick characters or classic Disney. I picked classic Disney. I was very excited about this really nice looking Disney maps. After it tells you to put in your information so they can send you your maps. If you need them soon for you are going to leave for Disney World in a week or two, then you can print them out on your computer. After about two to three weeks, I got my Disney maps in the mail and they were beautiful. I was surprised on how large they were and made very nice. Here are a few pics of what came in the mail:

What it looks like when you are designing our maps online

These where my Disney maps that came in the mail. I made picked
class Disney so it's design fits. You get little circles in case you want
to add more attractions to your maps to visit next time you go.

This is a larger picture of the Magic Kingdom Map. The attractions I
want to make sure I see when I go to WDW are yellow circles. 

I am really glad that I made these Disney maps and even happier that I get them FREE! They
don't cost you anything and they are so beautiful to have. You can do these maps every six months, which means, you can't do a bunch at once. So, if you want another family member to make on for themselves, each person will have to make a map once ever six months unless they have their own account. 
This is also a great idea for children to do before they go down to WDW. They can check out the attractions and pick out the ones they would like to see when they go down. Plus its maps that they can keep as a keepsake after and remember what they enjoyed when they were young. 
I hope that everyone gets to get check out these great FREE Disney maps, all you have to do is going to and check it out!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Magical Moments : Magic is everywhere if you know where to look . . .

"Magic is everywhere if you know where to look . . . "

I think the title of this post says it all - magic is everywhere. And at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, the magic is tangible. You see it when families see Cinderella's Castle for the first time, hug Mickey Mouse, scream on the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror or buy their own Minnie Mouse at Mouse Gear in EPCOT.
Want to know something even better? Magic happens for Guests, as well as Cast Members. When you are surrounded by so much happiness and smiles - how cannot you not believe and feel a bit of Tinker Bell's pixie dust of your own?
Ok, an example of my own Magical Moment! This is such a hard example to give because I have so many to choose from! While this moment may seem small to others, this little girl touched my heart and will always be remembered.
We all know the heat of Florida. Like it or not, it's there and it likes to make it's presence known. However, in my opinion, the more water you drink the more smiles you give, the quicker the heat disappears. While I was greeting Guests and preparing to begin seating for a show, I noticed a family of four waiting in line. The little boy had a Lightening McQueen shirt and the older sister couldn't have looked cuter in her princess gear She had Jasmine on her shirt and was even carrying around a small tiger around.
I went over to talk to this family and learned they were from the mid-west like me. They had experienced some rain a few days earlier and were finally back in the park after talking their son to the doctor due to an ear infection. What a start to a vacation - rain and sickness! However, after seeing their positive attitudes and listening to the children's tales of seeing characters and riding all the "grown-up rides", I knew I wanted to do anything I could to add some extra pixie dust to this family.
After some quick conversations with other Cast Members around me, I knew the perfect plan. I told the family to look for me once they entered the grandstand and waited excitedly for their arrival. When I saw my family heading my way after we started escorting Guests to their seats (Director's Chairs), I lead my family (all five of us with huge smiles) to our four seats in front, and center, of the stage. While all of our seats are fantastic, these seats are in their own compartment and have a slightly different style.
The family LOVED the show!! They even stopped by afterwards to thank me for making their day so memorable and magical! How could I not feel the magic in the air? This family kept their own magic, and I couldn't help but feed off of them.
So remember, come rain or shine, the magic lives on.

Can read more from Jessica Reynolds, you can go to:  

I have been reading her blog for awhile now, she is a great writter and have some wonderful thoughts!

If you have a Magical Moment you would like to share for other Disney fans to enjoy, please send them to:
...and you could see your Disney Magical Moment up here in the next few weekends to come:)
Have a Magical Day!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Disney Thoughts

Disney Thoughts
Today, I was driving, running to do some errands. I had so much to do and felt I had no time to do all the stuff I needed to do on my list. I am sure we all have had those days. But even through the craziness of running around, Disney found it's way into my thoughts. Crazy how I wasn't even trying, yet the thoughts of Disney just kept coming up all over the place. When I was in a store getting a few items, I saw a cup with Mickey on it. This Mickey then made me think of Disney World, meeting Mickey, and then some how the parades popped into my mind. Then I started thinking on how I missed Spectromagic Parade at Magic Kingdom and how bummed I am that it ended in June of 2010. I loved all the lights and the music! Maybe soon they will bring it back with even more characters then ever before! 
But next time I go down, I am going to see Main Street Electrical Parade! I was there when they brought in the old parade, I got to go back stage and see it before it went out for others to see at night which was so cool! They opened up a parade float and let us look inside! I think it would be awesome to drive one of those floats up Main Street:)

Alice in Spectromagic

So, that's not all folks...I was driving through the mountains of Vermont and started thinking of Mt. Everest (I am a huge hiker as well) and then I started thinking of the attraction at Animal Kingdom and how I couldn't wait to see that Yeti. I loved going up, stopping...hearing the tracks move behind me, and then being set free...flying backwards, hearing the yeti. I was loving every moment and here I was reliving it right in my car on the way home through the mountains. Mt. Everest is such a great experience. 

Mt. Everest at Animal Kingdom

So, when you are on errands, do you find yourself traveling to Disney World in your mind? 
I can tell you that it really makes the errands not so dreadful and a lot more fun!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Almost Wordless Wednesday

Almost Wordless Wednesday
This week the theme is "Fall" but
 I normally go during Late Winter or Spring :) 
I will have to make it sometime in the Fall!
So, I am going to show Magic Kingdom at Night when it's all lit up,
Here are a few pics...

I just love Magic Kingdom when it's lit up!

I love this with the Moon and Star near by...

Wish I could have the castle as my night light when I sleep...

Focused on the Magic

Monday, October 10, 2011

100th Post - Celebrating with Mickey Cookies!

MY 100th DisneyBlueFairy Shares Post!

Yep, and to celebrate I am going to show how to make simply Disney Mickey Cookies...
Fun for the whole family and kids will LOVE them!
  1. Get your favorite Cookie Dough ...I used Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
  2. Use a Disney Mickey Cutter to make Mickey head shapes and put them on a pan
  3. Bake ( I like mine soft as can be so I bake for two minutes less then the box)
  4. When you take them out, let stand
  5. Pick your favorite Chololate chips (bag) and melt them in the microwave 
  6. When the cookies are hard, dip ears in the chocolate
  7. Put them in Fridge to let harden on the cookie 
  8. After a few minutes, check on them, if the chocolate is hardened then TIME TO EAT!
Now, I used Milk Chocolate on this Mickey Cookies that I made for my Stepson's Soccer Jamboree 
But next time I want want to use dark Chocolate so the ears will be more on the darker side.
Here are the YUMMY Cookies! O... and of course these cookies taste great with MILK:)

They were so Good! I cant wait to make them again:)
Maybe I'll be making different Disney Cookies on my 200th Post!! hehe

Sunday, October 9, 2011

SPOTLIGHT: Beth Green and C-man's Magical Moment at Walt Disney World

Beth Green and C-man's Magical Moment at 
Walt Disney World

We took our youngest son to WDW for the first time in December of 2010. He was 22 months old. I did my best to prepare him for the characters and the meet and greets, but it made no difference! He was terrified of all the characters. In all of the photos with characters he is doing the same thing- sitting in my arms on the opposite side of the character trying not to interact with them. By the end of our trip, he had warmed up a bit, but still would not get out of my arms. 
Meeting Tigger

Fast forward to September of 2011. My mom and I took C-man back to WDW for a short visit. Again, I tried to prepare him for the characters by looking at past pictures, watching you tube videos and watching Disney movies. He knew all of the characters and said he was ready to meet them, but I wasn’t so sure! When we first arrived at the Magic Kingdom, we saw Pluto before we even walked under the train tracks. C-man pointed him out and said he wanted to meet Pluto. We stood in line and when we were next, he chickened out and wanted to leave. So, we did. We went to the other side to go under the train tracks and he spotted Chip and Dale. Again, he said he wanted to meet them, so we got in line. This was a longer line, so I did a better job of prepping him. I talked him through what would happen and we watched the other kids go up, get a hug, a picture and an autograph. He said he was ready. When it was his turn to approach the two chipmunks, he exceeded all my expectations. He ran to them, arms wide open and gave them each a huge hug! I actually had to tell him to stop hugging so we could get a picture! This was a very “Magical Moment” for me as a mommy since meeting characters is one of my favorite things to do at WDW. For the rest of the trip, C-man ran to each of the characters, gave the biggest hug he could and took great photographs!

C-Man with Dale
C-Man with Donald
 C-Man with Piglet

Beth Green is a blogger at A Disney Mom's Thoughts. Beth is also part of the Magical Blogorail, and you can find her on the Green Rail. She has also started "Stars fell on Disney fans From Alabama" which is when she features a Disney Blogger every Wednesday in her Disney blog. If you would like to check out more on Beth Green you can check out her blog:
A Disney Moms Thoughts

If you have a Magical Moment you would like to share for other Disney fans to enjoy, please send them to:
...and you could see your Disney Magical Moment up here in the next few weekends to come:)
Have a Magical Day!
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